Who We Are

Mission: To build a safe and clean environment within our community, ensuring our tenants always feel secure and comfortable.

Vision: To provide affordable housing through federal, state, and local funding while tending to our tenants’ needs.

Griffin House

Hog Hill Management’s experience in property development and management spans decades, ensuring every element of operating your property receives the attention it deserves.

Hog Hill Management Corp. was founded in 1970 by Yonkers-native Richard B. O’Neill to provide Affordable Senior Housing to Low-Income Senior Citizens and families in Yonkers, New York.  Finian Sullivan Tower was the first of our buildings to be built. As time went on, and the need for affordable housing in Yonkers grew, Richard O’Neill continued with his mission and Monastery Manor, Woodstock Manor and the Griffin House were built. In addition to providing years of experience in property management, we work with organizations with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program (LIHTC) and HUD certification process.

Founded as a neighborhood-based sole proprietorship, Hog Hill Management’s philosophy is to provide safe, clean and affordable housing through federal, state and local funding. Each building is equipped with an enhanced security system allowing our tenants to feel safe in their residence. Our maintenance staff works hard to keep our communal areas pristine to tend to the comfort of our tenants.

We have also made an effort to form a relationship with the community.  Not only do we acquaint ourselves with our tenants, but we get to know their family members, many of whom work in local businesses. Having a valuable connection with our tenants is important to us, because our main goal is and always will be to create a comfortable environment in our buildings. We want our tenants and their relatives to know that their priorities are our priorities.

Our diverse professional property management experience allows us to represent and manage any property a client presently owns or may invest in:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program for Senior and Multi-Family residences.

  • Federally subsidized properties through the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), including PRAC 202/8.

  • Programs administered through New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) including Section 236 programs.